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On “Leadership” – Part 1: Assumptions and Motivations in Two Leadership Paradigms

By Doug Breitbart and Fabian Szulanski and originally published on

The assumption of the need for leadership is our inquiry. The prevailing leadership mindset is fundamentally rooted in power, control, and authority over others. The companion drivers utilized to preserve and enforce retention of this power are fear, scarcity, competition, and zero-sum games.

This concept lies at the heart of the way businesses have been operated and grown from the dawn of the industrial revolution. The historical and ancient antecedent roots in fact trace all the way back to tribal leaders in prehistoric times, through to the emergence of dynastic rulers, and ruling classes from the earliest appearance of larger human settlements and societies’ emergence.

Intrinsic to the meme of leadership, in its earliest manifestation, is the idea that the leader embodied the greatest power and physical capacity to triumph over all others in the group or tribe.[…]

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