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Moritz Bierling – Metamodern Politics + Holochain = πŸ”₯πŸ’žπŸŒŽπŸ€Έ

What do you get when you combine an emerging vision of politics with new expressive capacities in human coordination? Humanity may be about to find out…

In this episode of Emerge I’m speaking with Moritz Bierling. Moritz is the “Chief Catalyst” at Holo, a project of Holochain, as well as a Senior Strategist at Exosphere.

In this conversation, we explore anti-fragile education, the emerging economic niche of currency design, and the fascinating symmetries between Metamodern Politics and Holochain. Enjoy ❤️

Holochain Capacity Shift Presentation

Metacurrency Strategy & Vision

Long term strategy and vision for the Metacurrency Project and related ventures. (from Invitational event May 20, 2011)

Arthur Brock Short Video

Paradigm shifts and new expressive capacity

In this video piece Arthur Brock covers how currencies are a new expressive capacity for a systems paradigm which is based upon flows and not objects. Curren…

Ceptr Revelations (Pre-Release)

Ceptr Revelation Prerelease

The Ceptr Revelation This document is our first attempt to share Ceptr and its underlying design principles. Since Ceptr is so ambitious in scope with many unusual approaches, it is difficult to pack it all into one document which will make sense to everyone. We’re going to try to keep things in …

Moritz & Skinner on the School Sucks Podcast

Embracing the Infinite Game – Skinner Layne and Moritz Bierling

Skinner and Moritz return to further explore the infinite game mentality. In our previous discussion we talked about how to build movements in education that become increasingly irresistible alternatives to the failing systems. Today we’ll expand beyond education to creating real markets for information.

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