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Medical Lysenkoism in the American Medical Association

The New Discourses Podcast with James Lindsay, Episode 131

Medical Lysenkoism is the application of ideological, specifically Communist, doctrine to medicine, and it will kill tens of millions, maybe more, if it continues being put into practice. We say “continues being put into practice” here because, unfortunately, it isn’t just hypothetical; it’s well underway. In fact, not only are all the obvious manifestations of Medical Lysenkoism apparent, but also the American Medical Association (among others) have taken up an explicit commitment to Medical Lysenkoism under the brand name “health equity.” In this episode of the New Discourses Podcast, host James Lindsay walks you through a recent publication of the American Medical Association that outlines and explains their plan to embed “racial justice and health equity” as far into the medical profession as they can in the narrow window of opportunity they have while people will still tolerate it. Join him to learn about the looming catastrophe in medicine and to start taking action to reverse its course.

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