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Matt Stoller “Make America Ours Again”

Playing for Team Human today, author of “Goliath: The Hundred Year War Between Monopoly Power and Democracy,” and Director of Research at the American Economic Liberties Project, Matt Stoller.

Stoller disinters the ground of neoliberalism and looks at how we can reclaim democracy from the market. What are ways for us to make sense of — and reform — economic systems that veil themselves as apolitical? Further, Rushkoff and Stoller discuss how neoliberal economic policy influenced both left and right political ideology in the twentieth century, how it contributed to President Obama’a bank bailouts, and explore alternative economic models that prioritize humans over capital.

In his monologue, Rushkoff looks at how black communities have for centuries harbored a spirit of support and mutual aid that the rest of us are discovering only now.

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