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Leadermorphosis Ep. 73: Kate Beecroft on the Critiques and Possibilities of DAOs

Lisa Gill interviews Kate Beecroft, originally published at

56 minutes 36 seconds

Listen here.

Kate Beecroft works on ecosystem and community building at Centrifuge, the decentralised asset financing protocol. She has been involved in Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) since 2018 and brings to them her experience of self-managing organisations as the co-founder of Greaterthan and a long-time member of Enspiral. We talk about common critiques of DAOs and Web3, as well as how we could share learning more across the worlds of self-managing organisations, DAOs and cooperatives.

For listeners totally new to the world of DAOs and Web3, here are two starting points:

This Forbes article: What Are DAOs And Why You Should Pay Attention
The Brave New Work podcast episode with Chase Chapman (see also their DAO mini-series)


The paper Kate co-authored, The Dissensus Protocol
The episode of the ‘On the Other Side’ podcast we mention
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