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This content was posted on  9 May 23  by   Enlivening Edge  on  Website
Lead Together – Resistance on the Lead Together Journey and How to Move Forward

Brent Lowe, Susan Basterfield, and Travis Marsh, Authors of Lead Together discuss Resistance on the Lead Together Journey, originally published on YouTube

3 mins 19 sec

So you’ve decided your organization will move away from operating as a traditional hierarchy? Instead, you will all embrace the philosophies of leading together – also known as self-organizing, decentralized leadership, or Teal.

Imagine your organization as a large canoe. Every member of your team sits in this canoe with you. As you look around your boat, you see long-term colleagues, close friends, and new faces. Your board members and advisors are in the boat too. Everyone has a paddle. To get to your desired lead together culture, you need to travel in the downstream direction.[…]

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