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This content was posted on  8 Jan 20  by   Douglas Rushkoff  on  Podcast
Lauren Duca “Inheriting the Future” + Christopher Bouzy “Human Trollbots”

Playing for Team Human today activist, author and journalist Lauren Duca.

Lauren joins Team Human to discuss her new book, “How to Start a Revolution: Young People and the Future of American Politics” which explores the new forms of political engagement being pioneered by the next generation. On this episode, Duca shared her thoughts on how a generational shift from political alienation to political participation has been triggered by the election of Trump and the imminent climate crisis. In addition, Duca and Rushkoff uncover the positive lessons that can be learned from her viral Team Vogue article ‘Donald Trump is Gaslighting America,’ her appearance on Fox News with Tucer Carlson, and the controversy surrounding her brief experience teaching at NYU. 

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On this episode we’re also joined by Bot Sentinel founder Christopher Bouzy for our ‘Real People, Doing Real Things’ segment. He joins Team Human to share how he is enabling the public to be more aware of the online origins of disinformation.

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