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Laloux’s Insights: A Document with Ground Rules for Wholeness

By Frederic Laloux and originally published at

This is ninth in a series Striving for Wholeness exploring what Wholeness looks like in the workplace. The other videos in the series can be found here.

Notes from EE Magazine:

Groundrules are values made practical. A number of organizations choose to put these guidelines about how colleagues want to relate to one another, in writing. And then embed them in all the daily practices at work.

The rules says what’s acceptable or not acceptable for creating an atmosphere where we can be fully ourselves.

Examplss: We speak in “I” language. We don’t interrupt. It can go much deeper, including how we deal with anger. We don’t accept demeaning speech or behaviors, or negative triangulated messages, or threat of abandonment, or disconfirming the other person’s reality, or intimidation, or explosions.[…]

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