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This content was posted on  1 Apr 20  by   Douglas Rushkoff  on  Podcast
James Howard Kunstler “The Long Emergency”

Playing for Team Human today, author, social critic, and public speaker James Howard Kunstler.

Kunstler discusses how the current pandemic is just the beginning of a process he calls ‘The Long Emergency.” “When the dust settles, we’re tasked with reorganizing our lives.” he says.

Further, Kuntsler discusses the implications of a debt-based economy when debt can’t be paid and money ceases to represent anything. “When capital doesn’t function, it stops being money.”

Kunstler looks at how humans might reorient themselves after the pandemic. How might humans connect to the world? What will the re-enchantment of the human experience and human life look like?

In his monologue, Rushkoff looks at how the Trump administration views the economic shutdown as an equal or greater danger to the pandemic because of what it might allow humans to realize: That humans work for the economy instead of our economy working for us.

Read the written version of Rushkoff’s version “We Wish to Inform You That Your Death is Highly Profitable” from Medium’s GEN:

For more information on Kuntsler’s books:

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