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Is There Progress in the Education System?

By Jean-Paul Munsch for Enlivening Edge Magazine

Jean-Paul will be the Storyteller for Enlivening Edge ‘s First-Thursday Community Conversation on March 2. He’ll share how Teal teacher training is exhausting, incredibly enjoyable, and not always comfortable for the instructors. Register by February 26 to receive access information. Find other EE Magazine articles by or mentioning Jean-Paul here.

Progress in the education system means, to me at the moment, an entanglement of a bureaucratic logic and a logic of increase. According to the theory of Spiral Dynamics this includes a progress from the Blue worldview to the next stage of development, the Orange worldview. We can observe “stagflation” in the education system: the inflationary use of bureaucracy and the stagnation (or even decline) of learning effects.[…]

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