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This content was posted on  25 Feb 22  by   Enlivening Edge  on  Website
February Third Thursday EE Community Conversation #Love

By Shelley J. Doyle for Enlivening Edge Magazine

The theme for February’s EE Community Conversation was Love, in recognition of Valentine’s Day. Host Doug Breitbart offered the group an eye-opening reminder of what intimacy really means: into-me-see. Before delving into our breakout rooms, we were encouraged to have honest and deep conversations, free from judgment, and with 100% presence.

In the breakout space, we covered the topic of Love in relation to work environments. I shared a personal account of feeling love in the workplace around 15 years ago; at that time, I worked in London at a boutique PR agency of 5-6 ladies. It was an intimate environment, where we became part of one another’s life, and the lives we had independently were shared freely.[…]

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