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This content was posted on  27 Aug 21  by   Enlivening Edge  on  Website
Enlivening Edge Magazine Editorial August 2021 –  How Organizations Help Create Human Resilience 

By Alia Aurami for Enlivening Edge Magazine

Is “resilience” important to you? Have you been thinking about it sometimes over the past topsy-turvy months? As so many of our experiences become uncomfortable, frightening, or downright apocalyptic, does cultivating or having resilience offer an alternative to spiraling into vicious polarization, panic, depression, or beyond that into apathy? And what role, for humanity, might human organizations play in providing some resilience for our species?

As many people in the Northern Hemisphere of the planet are in vacation mode, there is an opportunity for us to step back from our daily concerns and zoom out, or perhaps it’s zooming in, to such increasingly timely, urgent contemplations. I was triggered into contemplations I’d like to share in this Editorial, when I recently read the HeartMath Institute’s new definition of resilience (and what they are offering to cultivate it.)[…]

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