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Education’s New Marxist Commitments

The New Discourses Podcast with James Lindsay, Episode 58
Critical Education Theory Series, Part 1

Over the last fifty years, a monumental change in the North American education systems has been taking place. The name for that change is “the Critical Turn in Education,” which is, in brief, how Critical Theory has crept into education and education theory (pedagogy) and slowly perverted it from within. The madness in today’s schools, then, is not some unhappy accident of the last year or even decade but the product of a dedicated march into the schooling institutions by Marxist, neo-Marxist, and Identity Marxist Theorists who have all but completely colonized it. This needs attention. Over the coming weeks and months, James Lindsay will be taking his listeners here on the New Discourses Podcast through the Critical Turn in Education so that they can know how and why these terrible changes have been implemented. In this first episode in this wide-ranging series, Lindsay dives into the new commitments Critical Pedagogy demands of teachers and students in the new Regime. Join James as he reads through a summary by Critical Education Theorist Michael Apple to learn exactly what these are.

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