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Degrowth Distributism and the Well-Being Economy

The New Discourses Podcast with James Lindsay, Episode 129

Degrowth is a death cult. Degrowth means starving while you freeze to death in the dark. That said, Degrowth Communism is something more. Specifically, it’s something that should be called “Degrowth Distributism,” and it’s the overarching plan of the United Nations, World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, and the rest operating under the brand name of the “well-being economy.” In this long and detailed episode of the New Discourses Podcast, host James Lindsay takes apart the Marxist manipulations of the key words, “scarcity,” “wealth,” and “abundance,” necessary to lure the world into this devious trap. By tracing the seventh chapter of Kohei Saito’s recent book Marx in the Anthropocene: Towards the Idea of Degrowth Communism, he’s able to unlock the mystery of the what, why, and how for the destination point of this global Communist revolution and explain its fascistic corporate subsidiary structure in unprecedented clarity. Join him to see the big picture.

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