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Building Leadership Capacities for a Complex World: May 4 Hear the Personal Journey of a Theory U Early Adopter

By Helio Borges for Enlivening Edge Magazine

Note from Enlivening Edge: We are honored to have Helio Borges from Venezuela as the Storyteller for Enlivening Edge ‘s First-Thursday Community Conversation on May 4. He’ll share about his journey, in dialogue with participants. If you are not already subscribed to the Community Conversations, email to receive access to May 4. Find 8 more EE Magazine articles by or mentioning Helio, covering more of his remarkable journey, here.

Theory U is an Awareness-Based Systems Change methodology developed by Otto Scharmer of MIT and used by tens of thousands of people worldwide. Here is an examination of the relevance to Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations’ Teal stage.

Everything right or wrong in business, society, and the world generally involves leadership.[…]

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