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This content was posted on  25 Aug 21  by   Enlivening Edge  on  Website
A Little Secret to Participatory Leadership: The Art of Invitation

By Samantha Slade for Enlivening Edge Magazine

The under-estimated, under-utilized and
inclusive potential of invitation
Invitations and participatory leadership

Invitations are part of being human. In fact, they are so rooted in our daily life that it is easy to forget the power and potential they hold. We invite one another to collaborate on an idea or initiative; to partake in events or special moments; to share information or a document. Despite appearances, invitations hold an underestimated potential in contributing to transitions into shared leadership or co-management. We will delve into four concrete ways you can better leverage invitations to cultivate a more participatory culture.

Many of us would like to include more people in our different projects and activities. The concern that often arises is “How can I open up without creating chaos?”[…]

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