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21st Century Re-Education, The Digital Gulag

New Discourses Bullets, Ep. 15

Most people do not understand what a gulag is. They think of the Nazi concentration camps and therefore miss the point. Gulags, utilized directly and by that term in the Soviet Union under Lenin and then Stalin and without the term in Maoist Communist China, are re-education camps, not merely labor camps or concentration camps. That is, they have an ideological goal, and that goal is to brainwash people into becoming Communists. They’re also mid-20th century technology, so they’re not likely to be utilized extensively in their classical prison-camp form in 21st century totalitarian regimes, as we can already see in CCP-controlled China. The tyranny and brainwashing of today will be through digital gulags, which amount to using digital devices and technology to control and contour behavior, including through social-credit programs, while re-educating people into the Neo-Communist ideology behind these totalitarian agendas, primarily ESG-driven “sustainability.” In this episode of New Discourses Bullets, host James Lindsay explains not only what digital gulags might look like but how they’re already being built, primarily using our children as guinea pigs under the “educational” brand name of systemic Transformative Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). Join him to learn about this crucially dangerous problem so we can take steps to stop it before it goes too far.

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