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Gayle Rubin’s “Thinking Sex” Part 2: Erasing Boundaries

“Queer Theory is Queer Marxism.” -James Lindsay In this episode, James Lindsay continues with a second part of Gayle Rubin’s essay in which it becomes clear that Queer Theory is all about breaking down all boundaries and categories between acceptable and unacceptable sexual behavior using explicitly Marxist-style analysis.

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The Origin of Queer Theory: Gayle Rubin’s “Thinking Sex”

“In this first part, we learn that Queer Theory from its very beginnings is profoundly interested in both child pornography and pedophilia. It’s almost shocking to hear.” -James Lindsay To help people understand what Queer Theory is and always has been about, James Lindsay proudly hosts a three-part New Discourses Podcast series reading through “Thinking

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Woke Private Schools and the Elite Leninist Vanguard

“The Marxists are salivating at the opportunity to take your $40,000 a year and turn your kids into the Marxist Vanguard.” -James Lindsay In this episode of the New Discourses Podcast, James Lindsay reads through a recent academic paper regarding bringing Freirean and Leninist Critical Pedagogy into NAIS-certified private schools, and what is written by

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Cultural Humility

In Social Justice, there is a prevailing attitude that people with privilege are afforded a certain kind of arrogance that allows them to ignore the way their privileged status creates oppression. “Cultural humility” is billed as the necessary antidote. This entry in ‘Translations from the Wokish’ is an explanation of the term “Cultural Humility.”

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Historically Marginalized Is Forever

“This language is being implemented into policy on purpose because it enables the grift to continue.” -James Lindsay Whether using the phrasing “historically marginalized” or “traditionally marginalized” groups, this little manipulation enables a grab of power and resources in a truly tricky way, and it’s “feel good” phrasing that appears in policy everywhere today.

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What Is Racial Literacy?

“Racial Literacy is just Paulo Friere…turned racist.” -James Lindsay A common term of art in the current educational milieu is racial literacy. In fact, here is the giant and influential educational company Pollyanna, Inc., talking about how central racial literacy is to their K-8 education programs.

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